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Scott, The Owner

Scott, The Owner

Scott McCombe B.S. Entomology founder and owner of Summit environmental solutions va. 26 years experience in wildlife and pest control. BPI certified building analyst and building envelope professional. Snake Wrangler.

Summit environmental solutions va has been the local leader in wildlife conflict resolution since 2009. We truly resolve conflict between nature and your environment! Northern and central virginia has seen a marked increase in wildlife problems and we have been right there to bring sensible custom solutions to some of the toughest and challenging situations.

We also are a full service pest control company that practices IPM or integrated pest management. This is the use of non chemical control methods so that we may limit or reduce the amount of pesticides that are put into our environment. An example of this would be elimination of standing water around a home to reduce mosquito populations(mosquitoes only breed in standing, stagnant water such as clogged gutters) so by clearing gutters and installing a professional gutter guard such as “LeafSolutions”, we can greatly reduce mosquitoes, limit spraying, increase your comfort and help you reclaim your backyard(Also, no more gutter cleaning and dangerous ladders!)

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SUMMIT ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS is a fully licensed contractor for home improvements. Rest assured that we can do any restoration job needed and we have the credentials to back it up. Whether you need to have the insulation removed and replaced because of squirrel damage or raccoon damage and feces, want a deck built, a roof replaced, gutters installed, crawlspace encapsulation and much more: we can do that and do it excellently. We do spray foam insulation, batted fiberglass and blown cellulose. We can assess your home for energy efficiency using a home energy evaluation and recommend and perform improvements that will make your home safer, more comfortable, more energy efficient and put more money in your pocket!

Services are provided to home owners, property management companies, industrial and commercial clients, municipalities and Fortune 500 companies.

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Summit environmental solutions offers a warranty on all products and services except where condtions preclude warranties being given. Most warranties we offer are for 2 years labor and material. In some cases shorter, in some cases longer. It depends on the service. Its simple: If we seal it up, it keeps the animals out. If it doesnt, we come back and fix it.

Summit Environmental Solutions Is A Member Of The Following Organizations

  • BBB (A+ Rating)
  • Angies List
  • National Pest Management Association
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA)
  • Insulation Contractors Association Of America (ICAA)