Risks From Above: Damage Caused By Bat Guano

If there happens to be a colony of bats living in your home, or residing in your place of business, there are a few telltale things that you will notice right away! Wildlife control specialists […]

Wildlife Removal Experts

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wildlife removal

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Snake Removal

Do not try and remove or catch a snake by yourself. Many snakes in VA are extremely poisonous such as copperheads and pit vipers. Call the snake removal experts at virginiawildlifecontrol.com at 703-382-2532.

Raccoon Removal

A major positive in seeking professional services in raccoon evacuation is in the way the animal removal experts conduct business. They take the raccoons miles away from the house and relocate them into an area […]

Wildlife Removal

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Bee Removal

Don’t get stung this Summer by bees! Bee’s build bee hives near and on homes during the summer months. They can be very aggressive if their hives are disturbed. Don’t try and remove a bees […]

Squirrels in the Attic

You may be wondering, “What is the big deal about having squirrels in the attic? They are too small to do much damage. What is wrong with sharing the same building with nature, after all […]

bats in house

If you ever see bats flying outside your house, you may wonder, “Are they simply hunting bugs near my house or are they actually hunting here because they live in my house?” This is an […]

Bats of Virginia

Bats are amazing creatures. They are the only true flying mammal, they are able to fly through complicated areas such as caves and attics without the benefit of using sight, they possess a biological […]

Why is it Time to Prioritize Your Animal Control Schedules?

Every homeowner needs to realize the importance of animal control services in order to safeguard their home and living environment. Various sorts of animals form their nests in the foundations of the house and within […]

The Dangers of Being Casual with Stray Wild Animals

Virginia continues to be one of the most wildlife-rich states in the United States. The number of different animal species in Virginia bodes well for the ecological diversity of the state. The problem arises when […]

Why Should You Hire Professional Animal Removers in Virginia?

The very thought of a wild animal entering one’s house can be troublesome! The damage it can cause by transmitting dangerous microbes is huge. Professional animal removers are to be roped in immediately to make […]

How to Handle Snake Sightings in Your Yard?

Virginia abounds in snakes and while most of the species are devoid of venom, there are some venomous species as well. Unfortunately, most snake habitats share proximity with human settlements. This results in common snake […]

Home Insulation Damages Caused by Intruding Animals

Every home requires insulation but the problem occurs when pests like squirrels, rats, raccoons, birds, mice and bats enter into the residence, especially the attic, and proceed to destroy the insulation. The insulation tends to […]

Common Diseases Transmitted by Household Pests

Homeowners must keep in mind that animals that enter their home environment are not only a nuisance but can actually pose a threat to their well being. It is true that the animals often litter […]

How to Deal with Indoor Bird Problems?

Birds in Home Vents cause Problems
It is not uncommon for homeowners to find birds in their vents. Despite most vents in homes having flaps, these birds tend to fly in and construct nests in the […]

Major Steps in Professional Bat Removal

Bats may sometimes find their way inside the house through an open window or crevice. If the room is closed off from the rest of the house, it may have a hard time finding its […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Squirrels

Squirrels may look cute and adorable but they are common garden pests who can destroy your garden. They can be a big nuisance since they snip off your flowers, chew through your plants and tear […]

Wild Animal Removal: Professionals Do it Best

Problems with Wild Animals
Presence of wild animals like squirrels, skunks, snakes and raccoons inside a residential property can be a mess. They may cause discomfort by leaving unpleasant odors, waking home owners in the middle […]

Why You Need Professional Animal Control to Remove Raccoons?

The wild raccoon problem

Wild raccoons are common in most parts of northern Virginia. They are known for the tendency to enter into households surrounding their habitat. Several house owners have reported intermittent raccoon intrusion into […]